Photo: Svenja Arendt
Photo: Svenja Arendt



Our X-litter is born!


We have 4 boys and 4 girls. Find our more...

Queen Mary mit ihren gerade geworfenen Welpen, Foto: Ulf F. Baumann
Queen Mary mit ihren gerade geworfenen Welpen, Foto: Ulf F. Baumann



Our "Queen Mary vom Belauer See" gave today in the early morning hours birth to her first litter. 


We have seven puppies, five boys and two girls. They are all liver-white, one boy has tan. You find more information on this litter under W-litter.


Puppy inquiries please per email to



We are back from the Club Show weekend of the Jagdspaniel-Klub e.V. in Alsfeld, Germany. Last time I showed my dogs at a Club Show in Germany was in 2014.
I am very happy about the overall results of this weekend! First day the dogs were judged by the honorable breed specialist Mr. Dusko Piljevic from Serbia. It is always a pleasure to show under him as he is going in detail over the dogs and appreciates what he finds, nevertheless also addressing issues, he thinks needs improvement. On the second day at the Club Show our dogs were judged by Ms. Viera Vitková, Slovakia.
Our young import from Sweden English Springer Spaniel “Visänga Out And About To Belauer See” aka Curtis gave his Show debut. And he had a really great start in puppy class, 6-9 months old.
Both days he went Best Puppy 6-9 months of the breed and Best In Show 1! I am so happy about his results. He had so much fun in the ring.
I have showed also both days Field Spaniels. “Noble Alice vom Belauer See“ started in Champion Class and won both days the CAC. She is now “Club Show Winner 2021” and fulfilled the requirements for the German Champion (Club).
Her daughter “U R glamorous vom Belauer See” aka Blanche started in Junior Class and is now “Junior Club Show Winner 2021”. This were after her Show debut last weekend her second and third Show. Both days she outdid her mother and went BOB! In the finals she was even Junior BIS 3 under Dusko Piljevic. She fulfilled also the requirements for the title “German Junior Champion (Club)”. I am so pleased with her start into her show career.
On the first day there was parallel to the Show a Dummy Working Test. “Okka vom Belauer See” aka Heather was very successful and got in her Class the second place with her owner Svenja Arendt.
At the Club Show Heather started in CHAMPION CLASS and received her first “very good 2” in the adult classes and of course also for the first time in Champion Class. Her mother “CIB CIE Jolanthe vom Belauer See” started in Working Class and was granted with “excellent 1”.
Beside the heavy rain on day two this weekend was very nice. Many thanks to the organizers of the Show! It has been a pleasure to participate! We had a great time! See you hopefully next year at the Club Show!
The photos were taken by Conny Serges and Vanessa Malkmus. Many thanks, that you allow me to use them!
Foto: Flemming Noer
Foto: Flemming Noer



We are back from the German Winner Show in Gelsenkirchen.
Under honorable judge Mr. Will Güllix we gained some pleasing results.
Our 12 month old Field Spaniel girl "U R glamorous vom Belauer See" (Blanche) gave her show debut. We can now add to her name the title "German Junior Winner 2021".
Her mother "Noble Alice vom Belauer See" started in Champion Class. She went BOB and is now "German Winner 2021". She also got her last ticket towards the title "German Champion VDH".
From the English Springer Spaniels started "Okka vom Belauer See" (Heather) and gained her last ticket towards her title "German Champion VDH". In the finals she also got the Res.-CACIB.
It has been a nice day. My first time showing my dogs again since Crufts 2020. The Show was well organized by a friendly Show team at a beautiful Show ground.
Dorothy and Patrick, Photo: Nichole Dooley Bunch
Dorothy and Patrick, Photo: Nichole Dooley Bunch



I just received this beautiful photo of our Dorothy, while she keeps an eye on Patrick, while he is watching TV.


I think, Dorothy is doing really well in Tennessee!


"Michael", Photo: Nichole Dooley-Bunch
"Michael", Photo: Nichole Dooley-Bunch



Michael moved to the living room.


You will find more information in the section "American Litter 2".


Photo: Nichole Dooley-Bunch
Photo: Nichole Dooley-Bunch



I still owe some great news from our dogs, which happened in July!
On the 2nd of July "SandsCape Belauer See Golden Ticket" aka Charlie won his first major with 5 points at the Fox River Specialty under the honorable judge Ms. Mareth Kipp. He was handled by Nichole Dooley, who co-owns him with N.J. Kemper.
I am very happy about the success this young boy has already in the show ring. He is from the first litter of our Dorothy. Sire is "Northhaven SandsCape Chances Are".
July 11th our Dorothy "SandsCape Golden Girl At Belauer See" gave birth to her second litter after "SandsCape Icemint A Fair Play" (Finley). She gave us a singleton, a boy in liver-tan. I am looking so much forward to meeting him in due time, when he will make his way to Germany. Thank you, Nichole and Mike for everything (Kennel"SandsCape")!
You can read more about this small litter here.
"SandsCape Belauer See Golden Ticket" winning Major at Fox River Speciality, Photo: Victoria Holloway
"SandsCape Belauer See Golden Ticket" winning Major at Fox River Speciality, Photo: Victoria Holloway
Curtis saying farewell in Sweden..., Photo: Eva-Marie Bergstrand
Curtis saying farewell in Sweden..., Photo: Eva-Marie Bergstrand



Last weekend I finally traveled to Kennel "Visänga" to pick up our newest addition to the pack English Springer Spaniel boy "Visänga Out And About To Belauersee". He is called Curtis.


Curtis adjusted already quite well to his new home the last few days. Our girls were very excited about this young boy. Especially our old grand lady Vicky thought he is a real bummer! Blanche is very excited to have a companion her age and is playing hide and chase with him in the garden.


I am very glad that Eva-Marie Bergstrand let have me this promising boy. Many thanks also for your continues friendship and hospitality! It is always nice to visit you and Clas at cozy Visänga!

Photo: Marianne S. Henriksen
Photo: Marianne S. Henriksen

18. - 20.06.2021


Our co-owned boy "U R charming vom Belauer See" has been shown three days in a row at International Show in Vejen, Denmark.

Three days in a row he was BOB and gained the title "DKJUCH" Danish Junior Champion.


We are very happy with his real start into the big Show world as he started first time in Junior Class.


Congratulations to Marianne S. Henriksen to this success!

"U R charming vom Belauer See", Photo: Marianne S. Henriksen
"U R charming vom Belauer See", Photo: Marianne S. Henriksen
"RallyBegynderMester Okka vom Belauer See", Photo: Svenja Arendt
"RallyBegynderMester Okka vom Belauer See", Photo: Svenja Arendt



After a longer  break because of Corona, Svenja Arendt was able to start again at a Rally Obedience competition in Denmark.


With young Heather "Okka vom Belauer See" she managed 100 Points - just perfect!

Big congratulations!


Heather has gained the title "RallyBegynderMester" (RBM).

"Desperados Charlotta At Belauer See" in the North York Moors, Photo: Ulf F. Baumann
"Desperados Charlotta At Belauer See" in the North York Moors, Photo: Ulf F. Baumann



Our “Desperados Charlotta At Belauer See” turned 10 years yesterday! How quick time has passed!
I remember our exciting trip to Kennel “Desperado” in beautiful Norway, when we were picking up Lotta at her breeder Inger Handegård. Many thanks, Inger, for entrusting this wonderful girl to me.
At her time Lotta was quite successful in the Show ring in Germany and gained the titles “German Junior Champion VDH”, “German Junior Champion Club”, “German Champion” and “Bundessieger 2012”. We had some fun with Dummy work and Rally obedience and even did for a while “man trailing”. Lotta has given to her offspring beauty and brain. A number of her offspring are very successful Show and working dogs.
Outstanding among her offspring are “C.I.E, C.I.B, Multi Ch Jolanthe vom Belauer See” and “C.I.E., C.I.B. Multi Ch Ludwig vom Belauer See”, who are to my knowledge at the moment the only English Springer Spaniels who hold both titles C.I.E. and C.I.B. in Germany.
There are more of her puppies, who have excelled at hunting tests, Rally Obedience competitions, Dummy tests other trials and Shows: Jakob (Jeppe), Inger (Yola), Ilse, Luise, Queen Mary, Qing William (Enno).
We hope for many more years with our Grand Old Lady! Happy Birthday!


Unfortunately there won't be any puppies this spring. We will try the next season again to mate "Okka vom Belauer See".


We plan another litter of English Springer Spaniel with "Queen Mary vom Belauer See". It will most likely be a late summer litter.




Since a number of years I have admired the paintings of Gabriele Laubinger. She exhibits very often at the big dog shows.
Now I started to get my dogs painted by her. The first one is my first Dachshund "Buschka vom Wilden Eber". She was born in 1984 and was my second dog. She was foundation bitch of my Dachshund Kennel "vom Kaufunger Wald". 35 years ago I bred my first litter with her. She was a great hunting dog and brood bitch. She excelled at many hunting trials, well known at the time.
"Glamorly Ginnie The Pooh", Foto: Agnieszka Banaszak-Kulka
"Glamorly Ginnie The Pooh", Foto: Agnieszka Banaszak-Kulka



We have been to Poland.


"Okka vom Belauer See" has been mated by  "Glamorly Ginnie The Pooh".


More infos at  "W-litter".

The farm house of "Visänga", Photo: Ulf F. Baumann
The farm house of "Visänga", Photo: Ulf F. Baumann

29.01.2021 - 01.02.2021


I took a short trip to Sweden to Kennel "Visänga".


This year starts very exciting as I will import an English Springer Spaniel boy, bred by my friend Eva-Marie Bergstrand. As he still has to grow a few weeks before he eventually will be able to join us, I wanted to have a look at him myself.


His pedigree name is "Visänga Out And About To Belauersee" and he will be called "Curtis".


It has been a wonderful short trip to Sweden and we had a good time together. Following a photo of this little buddy and some more photos taken in winter wonderland.


"Visänga Out And About To Belauersee", aka "Curtis", Photo: Ulf F. Baumann
"Visänga Out And About To Belauersee", aka "Curtis", Photo: Ulf F. Baumann
Field Spaniel puppies "vom Belauer See", Photo: Claudia Bruhn
Field Spaniel puppies "vom Belauer See", Photo: Claudia Bruhn
Photo: Claudia Bruhn
Photo: Claudia Bruhn



And again another year has passed - a year which has been very special. Most of us have not lived through a similar year in their life time.


All of a sudden many things were not possible any longer. There were no Shows and many breeding plans were abandoned or needed to be modified. Many people thought about what is important in life and started to rethink. The outcome is for everyone different.


Obviously many people put their families, home and nature into focus. And of course a pet belongs to such a new way of living. Best possible this pet should be a dog!


Many breeders around the world experienced this. And all of a sudden there was a real shortage of puppies. Sometimes there were 5-6 calls per day for a puppy. Plus all the numerous mails. And it seems that the demand for puppies doesn't vanish.


Although there is a very high demand for puppies, my breeding plans didn't change or have been influenced. Neither has my pricing of puppies or whom I will sell a puppy to. And I will continue the same way in 2021!


Hopefully the Corona-situation will change during this year and we will be able to participate in more dog activities throughout the year. Here at Kennel "vom Belauer See" we have quite a few interesting plans for 2021, here at home and abroad in the U.S.A. I am looking forward to you visiting our Website in 2021!


Dear reader, I wish you all the best for the New Year!

You should recognize their head features..., Poto: Claudia Bruhn
You should recognize their head features..., Poto: Claudia Bruhn

Some puppies of the U-litter had to stay a few weeks longer. Quite a few of this litter went to other countries. For the export they need to have a rabies vaccination, which is already valid. That means the earliest date to travel is 21 days after the day of their vaccination.


Right before the puppies left us for Sweden, Norway and England we had another Photo Shooting with Claudia Bruhn.


Unfortunately the weather was rather typical fall weather in Northern Germany and the puppies got wet really soon, but I think, the photos are still beautiful.


Many thanks, dear Claudia! I hope for the next litter we will have better weather.


Photos: Claudia Bruhn