Jolanthe vom Belauer See 2 1/2 years old. Photo: Svenja Arendt
Jolanthe vom Belauer See 2 1/2 years old. Photo: Svenja Arendt

Jolanthe vom Belauer See


C.I.B. Champion International d* Beauté

C.I.E. Champion International d' Exposition

German Champion (VDH)

VDH - European Winner 2019 (Crufts Qualification)

Dutch Champion

Benelux Winner 2019 (Crufts Qualification)

German Youth Champion (Klub)

German Youth Champion (VDH)

Veteran-Club-Show Winner 2023


Rally Begynder Mester (DK)

Rally Övet Mester (RÖM DK)


Alpen Winner 2019

Saarland Youth Winner 2016

VDH-Saar Youth Winner Saarbrücken 2016 

Veteran Winner Rostock 2023


Klub-Working-Champion 2022 (Germany, Combination Show and Dummy)


Klub-Working-Champion 2022 (Austria, Combination Show and Dummy)



DOB: 09.04.2015

SpZB: 0151/15

Color: Black/white

HD: A2

FU: clear

AMS: clear

Eyes: clear (01.06.2017)

DLP: clear



Show: "Excellent 1", CAC (VDH), CAC (Club), Best Junior, Best In Show 3 (Puppy Class at International Show out of 40 puppies), CACIB, CAC-NL, "Best of Breed"


Work: Rally Obedience Beginner, Rally Obedience Class 1, APD/S Beginner, APD/S Novice, APD/R A, Rally Begynder Mester DK, Dummy Working Test Novice "excellent"


Jolanthe lives with Sebastian Feilke. She is co-owned by us. In her new home Jolanthe lives together with our previous dog "Jule"  (Deb's Cortina), which we imported from Sweden.


Jolanthe, now called Zelda, showed from her very beginning  a love to work. She has started to compete in Rally Obedience and at Dummy Trials, both with excellent results. We are looking forward to her development! You will find her Pedigree at the end of this page.


Zelda at the age of 7 1/2 weeks, Foto: Ulf F. Baumann
Zelda at the age of 7 1/2 weeks, Foto: Ulf F. Baumann
Foto: Ingrid Svensson
Foto: Ingrid Svensson



Sanque's Dreamchaser


SE 20664/2011


Photo: Ulf F. Baumann
Photo: Ulf F. Baumann



Desperados Charlotta At Belauer See


German Youth Champion (VDH)

German Youth Champion (Klub)

Bundessiegerin 2012

German Champion (VDH)



NO 40030/11 SpZB 0446/12

HD B1, FUCO-cl, CORD 1 - cl, DLP: 0

Jolanthe at the Ijsselshow 2015, Best In Show 3 in Baby Class, Video: Sebastian Feilke

Jolanthe is not only a good looking English Springer. She is also a good working Springer. With only 9 months she is doing great in Dummy Training and Rally Obedience! (all Videos by Svenja Arendt)

Pedigree for Female Jolanthe vom Belauer See SPZB0151/15
Sanque's Dreamchaser Calvdale Car Chase Calvdale Blak to the Future Baldragon Back Again Cleavehill Sleigh Ride
Baldragon Broken Dream
Calvdale Take No Prisoners Calvdale Take the Stand
Moscodees Merry Maid
Calvdale Question of Fact Calvdale Crimewatch Wadeson Inspector Wexford
Coorigil Constellation
Carskip Somebody Told me Via Calvdale Skilleigh Tan Sandy
Calvdale Chanting Bell at Carskip
Sanque's Joy in Focus Beresford Benefactor Mompesson Royal Destiny Mompesson Blinking Hell
Trimere Time to Remember from Mompesson
Beresford Love me Do Calmolly Peter Piper
Beresford so Be it
Beeline Party Paintwork Sanque's Perry Mason Sanque's Kevin Costner
Sanque's It's a Miracle
Beeline Believe It Or Not Springertorpets Hassan
Beeline Make Believe
Desperados Charlotta At Belauer See Streamside's Indian Yellow Klovstamons Uve Pocus Cleavehill Hocus Pocus Cleavehill Endevour
Cleavehill Cast-A-Spell
Afrodite Teddy
Klovstamons Isabell
Streamside's Whisky Fly Streamside's Holiday Hunter Centennial's Chaplin
Streamside's Blue Quill
Lajban's Cinderella Hjordis Lajban's Taboo Thaughts
Lajban's Tactical Vote
Desperados Zelda Bobwhite's Acid Jazz Alanea Landcruiser Calvdale Contraband
Hawkhill Honesty
Bobwhite's Cream-No Sugar Salix Touch Wood
Bobwhite's Vanilla Creme
Desperados Vezla Kvistagrans Night Rider Eastriding Black Tuxedo
Kvistagrans Ögonfröjd
Desperados Rochelle Cleavehill Backward Glance
Desperados Odessa
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