Deb's Cortina, Photo: Ulf F. Baumann
Deb's Cortina, Photo: Ulf F. Baumann

Deb's Cortina


Champion International d' Exposition - C.I.E.

German Champion (VDH)

German Champion (Klub)

Dutch Champion (NL CH)

Benelux Winner 2015
VDH - Europa (Veteran) Sieger 2019

Ambriorix Winner 2015

Winner Rostock 2014

Rally Begynder Mester (RBM) DK

Rally Övet Mester (RÖM) DK

Dansk Rally Champion (DKRLCH)


DOB: 14.04.2010

Reg. Nu.: SE32726/2010

Color: Liver/white


Hips: A2

Fuco: Clear

Cord1 PRA: ca

Eyes: clear

Gonio: clear


Photos: Claudia Bruhn
Photos: Claudia Bruhn

Deb's Cortina or Jule, as we call her, has been our first imported bitch from the breeding of Marina Larsson from the island of Gotland.


I have put a lot of effort into selecting her. And in the end she has been a beautiful bitch, very successful in the Show ring, but also very successful working. A great combination of beauty and brain.


I have tried twice to breed with her. Both attempts were failures. Jule is not a brood bitch. Nevertheless she has a great and joyful life. Meanwhile she lives with Svenja Arendt. She shows her and works with her, mainly Dummy work and Rally Obedience. They are together very successful in both disciplines. Jule and Svenja loved  each other from the first moment they met. It has been the right decision to let her move! And as we have close contact we see Jule very often.

Deb's Confetti, Photo: Marina Larsson
Deb's Confetti, Photo: Marina Larsson

Mother of Jule is Lisa, Deb's Confetti.

Calvdale Car Chase, Poto: Kennel "With touch"
Calvdale Car Chase, Poto: Kennel "With touch"





Sire of Jule is Calvdale Car Chase.

Head study of Calvdale Car Chase, Photo: Kennel "With touch"
Head study of Calvdale Car Chase, Photo: Kennel "With touch"
Jule in her element! Photo: Nele Goetz
Jule in her element! Photo: Nele Goetz
Pedigree for Female Deb's Cortina SPZB0528/11;SE32726/2010
Calvdale Car Chase Calvdale Blak to the Future Baldragon Back Again Cleavehill Sleigh Ride Jennich Just Came To Me
Cleavehill Adorabubble
Baldragon Broken Dream Drakespur Different Strokes at Wadeson
Baldragon Bobbys Girl
Calvdale Take No Prisoners Calvdale Take the Stand Calvdale Crimewatch
Carskip Somebody Told me Via Calvdale
Moscodees Merry Maid Wardhill Whistling Miller
Calvdale Be Mine
Calvdale Question of Fact Calvdale Crimewatch Wadeson Inspector Wexford Speeton Seafarer
Wadeson Ruth Rendell
Coorigil Constellation Skilleigh Tan Sandy
Coorigil Northern Dancer
Carskip Somebody Told me Via Calvdale Skilleigh Tan Sandy Calvdale Campanologist
Skilleigh Brigadonna Tanzy
Calvdale Chanting Bell at Carskip Bowswood Bay Brigadier
Calvdale Cathedral Belle
Deb's Confetti B'cadillac de L'atoll de Kerguelen Canouan Viking Flagship Streamside's Kingfisher Chaigmarsh Orchid
Salix Opera Mint at Streamside
Canouan Absoloodle Doodle Arcadia Amber Gambler
Canouan Up Pops Poppet
Urluberlue de L'atoll de Kerguelen Ragtime Du Tri Taquin Tea Time de la Vigie
Jalna Du Pigeonnier Bruyeres
Lixie Du Bois de Cordat Mortondawn Euroville Lad
Electra Key Du Bois de Cordat
Deb's Goldmine Cleavehill Lloyd's Spirit Cleavehill Loyal Spirit Cleavehill Tri-True Spirit
Cleavehill Adorabubble
Cleavehill Wizadora Cleavehill Endevour
Cleavehill Cast-A-Spell
Deb's Cindy Lauper Sanque's Tony Curtis Mompesson Royal Exclusive
Brigadoon Sol Angelica from My
Sanque's Pat Bennetar Sanque's Kevin Costner
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