This is now the last video of our Springer puppies from inside the house. In a couple days they will be moving outside to the big run and dog house, where will be lots of space for playing and fetching...

Photos: Ulf F. Baumann
Photos: Ulf F. Baumann



I few days ago I took photos of the Springer puppies. They were three weeks old.


But what on earth did I really want to shoot?


Obviously I aimed for a run of photos "Springer puppies from behind -  a study"...


Hm, next time I hope there will be better ones!



The Springer puppies were named as well:


The boys are


- Valentin

- Victor

- Vinzenz


and the girls...


- Vanilla

- Veronika


- Vica

Proud and very happy co-owner, Photos: Ulf F. Baumann
Proud and very happy co-owner, Photos: Ulf F. Baumann



Now our English Springer puppies are two weeks old.


The co-owner of the mother are visiting her girl on a regular basis and are very happy and proud about the puppies of their girl. I think, it is always a nice experience for co-owners, when there bitch is having puppies.

The puppies have started to open their eyes.

Isn't it one of the nicest moments to see a bitch nursing her puppies?

Almost one week old, Photos and Video: Ulf F. Baumann
Almost one week old, Photos and Video: Ulf F. Baumann



The puppies are almost a week old.


Unfortunately we lost one black/white girl after a few days. She was not drinking well right from the beginning. In the end we lost the battle!


The other six puppies are developing well and gaining weight. They were a bit smaller at birth than my usual puppies, but they are picking up.

Yola and her seven dwarfs, Photo: Ulf F. Baumann
Yola and her seven dwarfs, Photo: Ulf F. Baumann



Already on day 60 of her pregnancy "Lieselotte vom Belauser See" gave birth to her seven dwarfs. It was a bit earlier than anticipated.


The birth was quite quick and without any compications. We have three boys (liver/white, liver/white/tan and black/white) and four girls (Two black/whiter, one liver/whote and one liver/white/tan).


We are very happy about all puppies and any color, as you might know, "that a good dog has no color!".


Yola is very dedicated to her puppies and is a joy to watch her with them.

Foto: Ulf F. Baumann
Foto: Ulf F. Baumann
Foto: Ulf F. Baumann
Foto: Ulf F. Baumann



Despite the Corona-Crisis and the perspective of being locked two weeks into quarantine I made my way to Sweden on June 15th with two of my bitches.


Both bitches, my Field Spaniel "Noble Alice vom Belauer See" and my co-owned English Springer Spaniel bitch "Lieselotte vom Belauer See" started their season the very same day.

Lieselotte, aka Yola, has been mated on June 19th 2020. We expect her litter around August 21st 2020.


I have chosen for Yola a male with a good substance from Kennel "Deming's". He has already really good offspring. In his pedigree you will find mainly English blood lines of the well-known Kennels Mompesson and Melverly. I think a good combination with the Calvdale lines of this bitch. The owner of "Deming's", Lena Rollmar, likes in her dogs also working abilities as she and her husband go with some of their dogs hunting.

Photo: Markus Placzek
Photo: Markus Placzek



"Lieselotte vom Belauer See"



Hip-score: A2

Eyes: clear

Goni/PLD: clear

FU: de

Photo: Markus Placzek
Photo: Markus Placzek
Photos: Lena Rollmar
Photos: Lena Rollmar



"Deming's Arthur Art"




Hip-score: B

Eyes: clear

Gonio/PLD: clear

Following the pedigree of the future litter.

Pedigree for future litter
future litter Deming's Arthur Art Deming's Harry Hawk Lordsett White Track Back to Linmoor Mompesson Cavendish Mompesson Royal Destiny
Mompesson Secret Whispers
Linmoor Back on Track Goldmoore's Gold Dreamer
Linmoor Valuable Crystal
Deming's Dean Valley Ginny Beresford Benefactor Mompesson Royal Destiny
Beresford Love me Do
With Touch Kosmopolitan Calvdale Partners In Crime
Tailwind's Esmeralda
Melverly White Dee Melverly Mystery Maker Clanach Crown Destiny Clanach Union Jack
Clanach Crown N Scepter
Melverly Mystery Girl Chuan Chablais at Lyndora
Melverly Lois Lane
Melverly Bang Tidy Mompesson Striker Syferspring Stinger
Mompesson True Story
Melverly Sublimity Mistily's Magic Merlin to Shipden
Taimere's The Songthrush At Melverly
Lieselotte vom Belauer See Calvdale Night Court Calvdale Great Escape Peasblossom Escape to Beresford Linmoor Zimply Zalient
Peasblossom Aria
Calvdale Litigant Calvdale Call off the Search
Calvdale Balance of Justice
Calvdale Usual Suspects Calvdale Blak to the Future Baldragon Back Again
Calvdale Take No Prisoners
Calvdale Queens Evidence Calvdale Crimewatch
Carskip Somebody Told me Via Calvdale
Desperados Charlotta At Belauer See Streamside's Indian Yellow Klovstamons Uve Pocus Cleavehill Hocus Pocus
Streamside's Whisky Fly Streamside's Holiday Hunter
Lajban's Cinderella Hjordis
Desperados Zelda Bobwhite's Acid Jazz Alanea Landcruiser
Bobwhite's Cream-No Sugar
Desperados Vezla Kvistagrans Night Rider
Desperados Rochelle
62 of 62 dogs This pedigree was generated by Fleckenbase 60 Ancestors