About the Kennel "vom Belauer See (FCI)" and its history - breeding dogs since 1986


The Kennel name "vom Belauer See" has been registered internationally with the Fédération Cynologique Internationale (F.C.I.) in 2011.  As I have already mentioned in other sections of this website I have been breeding dogs since almost 30 years. I started with whirehaired Dachshunds, breeding under the affix "vom Kaufunger Wald". My first litter was Born in 1986 and I bred a number of litter till I stopped with the H-litter. My parents continued later to breed Dachshunds unter this Kennel name. Unfortunately another breeder registered this name later internationally for another breed. Therefore I have been forced to look for another name. But the new name is connected with this area. "Belauer See" is the name of a lake just 200 m away from our home. The dogs swim quite often in this lake. I think this Kennel name is now a better choice for us!


I am very fond of the different Spaniel breeds. I think they are all very lovely and interesting breeds. As I have always had a lot of passion for breeding I have decided not to breed only one breed.The rarer Spaniel breeds are very interesting and I think it is worth to put some effort into them.


What is my idea about breeding English Springer Spaniels and Field Spaniels? What is my goal? I think it is quite difficult to define a goal in breeding. I thought a lot about it.


Yes, I do have a piture in my mind how a typical English Springer or Field Spaniel should look like. I will try to breed Spaniels who will be as close as possible to the Breed Standard. A breeder should know the Standard of the breed he is breeding...

I think the structure of a dog is very essential, especially in Spaniels as they are breeds which are bred for hunting and/or working. Personally, I really like a Springer with a soft expression! I think the color of the eyes should not be forgotten. There are more and more English Springer Spaniels which have not the proper color of their eyes. And this gives them not a melting expression! But I am sure this is just a special "tick" of myself. I like Springers with substance but they should not be too tall.


Field Spaniels as a breed are not that easy from my point of view. There are lots of differences in type within the breed. They also should have some substance and a head which has the features described in the Breed Standard. A Field Spaniel is recognized because of its head! The head is supposed to convey high breeding, character and nobility. I think this says it all!


The dogs I will breed (or have bred) should be friendly. And they should have the "will to please". I prefer dogs which are a bit calmer and relaxed. I think this is essential as Spaniels are usually a lively breed. The new owners should be able to live with them and handle them. So the dogs should not be hyper.

My foundation bitches I imported from Norway and from Sweden.  I searched a long time for them and I am really pleased about them.


Whirehaired Dachshund puppies, C-litter "vom Kaufunger Wald", 1988 Photo: Otto Weigel
Whirehaired Dachshund puppies, C-litter "vom Kaufunger Wald", 1988 Photo: Otto Weigel


How do I raise the puppies?


The puppies are born in the house. The first few weeks they live in the house. Of course Mum will take care of them and I will also Keep an eye on them and I sleep with them in the same room to make sure everything is going fine. Later the other dogs are allowed to have a look at the puppies if the mother allows it. The puppies get used to all kinds of noises in the household.


When they are 4-5 weeks old they move to our dog house. There they have lots of space inside and outside. They can play around as they please and they get lots of visitors, not only from the puppy buyers but also from people of all ages. I think a good socialisation is very important. Before they move to their new homes, they have also been travelling short trips in the car and taken some short strolls in the area - very carefully and according to their age!


If you like you can come for a visit and have a look for yourself! At the end of this page you will find a map...