Our big girl, Photo: Ulf F. Baumann
Our big girl, Photo: Ulf F. Baumann



Our puppies are two weeks old now.

In the puppy pen it starts to get more exciting. The puppies beginn slowly to take more notice from each other. And they have all opened their eyes.


To the left is the biggest in the litter, a girl.

The smallest puppy, shown underneath, is a boy.



Our puppies arrived in this world on June 15th.


We have 3 boys and 2 girls, all liver.


The theme of the litter is "Tennessee" in honor of the birth place of the Sire of this litter, our Michael "SandsCape Belauer See I Am Who I Am". 


I am sure, we will come up with some pretty names for the little ones. 

The parents of this litter winning in Tomelilla, Sweden, Copyright: Ulf F. Baumann
The parents of this litter winning in Tomelilla, Sweden, Copyright: Ulf F. Baumann



Sometimes it takes a number of years until we can do a combination, we have hoped for.

We are now expecting puppies from our gorgeous "Noble Alice vom Belauer See" aka. Alice.


Sire of the litter is our Michael "SandsCape Belauer See I Am Who I Am". 


I have co-bred Michael together with Nichole Dooley Bunch in Tennessee, USA, Kennel "SandsCape". 


Since many years I am planning to combine the American lines of SandsCape Field Spaniels with my dogs of mainly English and Scandinavian heritage. I personally think, that it is very important, that we do an outcross in the sense of not doing always line breeding, so that we keep the breed healthy and improve some issues we have to fight in the breed. And here I am not talking about diseases. I think, Field Spaniels are a rather healthy breed, I am more talking about breeding issues. Quite some males have a rather low libido in the breed, some are sterile or turn sterile later. Many bitches fail to conceive. These are issues, following a too high inbreeding, something we need to keep in mind as breeders. 


Michael didn't disappoint us with the matings. We got three perfect matings on three days in a row. No fuss, just the way as it should be!


Alice has been a good mother so far and a star in the Show ring. She competed at many Shows all around Europe and Scandinavia. She has been three times World Winner, got great placements at Crufts and has been plenty of times been Best of Breed at numorous occations and been placed in Groups a number of times. 


Michael has not been shown a lot so far. Because of our move, there was not a lot of time. I hope, this will change and I will be able to show him more. Michael is a strong male with a lot of bone, great chest, super top line, very good angulations and a coat easy to maintain. He has perfect tan markings. He has an outgoing temperament and loves to cuddle. 


So far I have not the theme for this litter. It will be announced, when I had the right idea.


"Noble Alice vom Belauer See", Photo; Claudia Bruhn
"Noble Alice vom Belauer See", Photo; Claudia Bruhn



"Noble Alice vom Belauer See"


More details see here.

"SandsCape Belauer See I Am Who I Am"
"SandsCape Belauer See I Am Who I Am"



"SandsCape Belauer See I Am Who I Am"


More details see here.

Following you will find the pedigree of the future litter.


If you are interested, please send me an Email at ulf.baumann@springer-spaniels.de or give me a call +45 3166 3078 or +49 160 9049 2873. Looking forward to hearing from you!

Pedigree for future litter
Sandscape Belauer See I Am Who I Am Sandscape Icemint A Fair Play Windward-Sandscape Boys Of Summer Windward's Are You Ready Nautica's I Know It's Me
Windward's Compass Rose
Sandscape Pardon Me Boys Nautica's Crimson Tide
Nautica's Lady Be Good
Icemint Glitz N Glam Mandolic Zetterberg Best Friend Of The Fields Society
Hurricane's Kiss me Quick
Wolfsong Aphrodite Sandscape Highland Light
Xenion Of Bloodline
SandsCape Golden Girl At Belauer See Sandscpe-Windwrds Seasons Of Dust & Glory @ Infinty Nautica's Wind River Gold Lydemoor Lincoln
Nautica's Quest For The Gold
Windward's Summer Squall Nautica's Crimson Tide
Windward's Compass Rose
Sandscape Imagine That Sandscape & Nautica Picture This Nautica's Crimson Tide
Nautica's Lady Be Good
Sandscape Making Waves Nautica's I Know It's Me
Nautica's Siren Song
Noble Alice vom Belauer See Elgert Rumour Has It Kingsmist Eternal Knight Tayowen Touch Of The Knight Dubldee Knight Of The Shire
Tayowen Touch Of Satin
Kingsmist Anneliese Silksheen Perovskia Of Nantddu
Kingsmist Amara
Reedmace Sweetbriar Floss For Elgert Elgert Jubilate For Reedmace Coverwell Davy's Double To Sonnetend
Nadavin Lilianna for Elgert
Reedmace Potcheen Bunratty Reedmace Fenlight Finnegan
Soberhill Reedmace Flag
Winterbourne Move On To Belauer See Törnskogens Tom Timmerman Sandscape Highland Light Arborfield Back Atcha
Nautica's Siren Song
Periwinkle's Black Beauty Raywey's Make It Me
Periwinkle's Queen Of The Night
Winterbourne Whoops-A-Daisy Fieldstar Mio Tanboy Fieldstar Marcelino
Fieldstar Nepeta
Vätterbygdens Chocolate Chili Winterbourne Deep Blue Sea
Winterbourne What a Witch
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