Bereits vor einem Monat am 14. Oktober 2022 waren wir auf der Bundessiegerausstellung in Dortmund sehr erfolgreich.


"Visänga Out And About To Belauersee" (Curtis) gewann an zwei Tagen die Klasse und erhielt jeweils das Res. CACIB. Damit konnte er sich bereits drei volle Anwartschaften für den Titel "Deutscher Champion (VDH)" sichern.


Es starteten aus dem X-Wurf noch zwei Junghunde, die sich im Besitz von Svenja Arendt befinden. "X-tra smart vom Belauer See" wurde sehr zur Freude ihrer Besitzerin Bundesjugendsieger! Was für ein toller Erfolg! Herzlichen Glückwunsch!


Last but not least wurde meine geliebte Alice "Noble Alice vom Belauer See" Bundessieger 2022! Sie erhielt auch das Ticket für Crufts, die sogenannte "Crufts Qualification". Damit steht unserer Reise im Frühjahr nach England nichts mehr im Weg.


Wenige Wochen später in Herning wurde Alice dann auch noch Danish Winner 2022! Und sie holte das letzte Auslands-CACIB für den Titel "Champion International d' Exposition", Internationaler Ausstellungschampion.

Nun muss dieser Titel noch beantragt werden.

Bundessieger 2022 mit Crufts Qualification und Danish Winner 2022, Foto: Claudia Bruhn
Bundessieger 2022 mit Crufts Qualification und Danish Winner 2022, Foto: Claudia Bruhn
Fotos: Ulf F. Baumann
Fotos: Ulf F. Baumann



We are looking for a suitable, active pet home for a boy from the Y-litter.


Anfragen bitte an ulf.baumann@springer-spaniels.de

Photo: Ulf F. Baumann
Photo: Ulf F. Baumann



Friday, April 22nd, 2022 a litter of Field Spaniels was born.


Meanwhile the puppies are already 10 days old. You can follow the litter and find photos and videos under Y-litter.

"Visänga Out And About To BelauerSee", Photo: Dubberstein
"Visänga Out And About To BelauerSee", Photo: Dubberstein



Today our Curtis "Visänga Out And About To BelauerSee" got his breeding permission under the rules in Germany by the honorable judges Mrs. Regine Sommer and Mr. Axel Komorowski.


Curtis eyes are clear including gonioskopy. His hip score is A2.


He is available for stud, now.

"SandsCape Belauer See I Am Who I Am", Photo: Ulf F. Baumann
"SandsCape Belauer See I Am Who I Am", Photo: Ulf F. Baumann



The last few months I had hardly any time to report, what was going on here at Kennel "vom Belauer See".


And I am afraid, that won't be any better until fall. We have some bigger changes here. I will let you know in due time.



One cute and sometimes wild darling has moved to us from the USA:


"SandsCape Belauer See I Am Who I Am".


He will get his own website very soon.

Photo: Ulf F. Baumann
Photo: Ulf F. Baumann

February 2022


After her big litter in 2020 our "Noble Alice vom Belauer See" had a long break.


Now she will have another litter.


As it is again possible to travel to the UK I took the opportunity and used a male from there.  We drove to Cambridgeshire and spent some time there.


I met Custer, as he "Jesham Baronet" is called, for the first time very briefly on the parking lot of Crufts in 2019. I liked him immediately and kept him as a potential candidate for one of my bitches in mind.


Custer is a very nicely tempered and well structured Field male. He has given a few puppies already in the UK. I am looking forward to this litter.


You will find more information on the litter in the section "Planned litters".


Unfortunately the weather was during my stay most of the times really bad. I left the camera at my accommodation and took only a few shots with my mobile. Most of the times I spent hunting for paintings and Spaniel figurines at antique stores. I think, this is always a lot of fun in England. And what could you do any better during storms and lots of rain?



We have exciting news at the beginning of this year!


We got two hip results back. Our English Springer Spaniel boy Curtis "Visänga Out And About To Belauer See" has been evaluated with A2.


Our Field girl Blanche "U R glamorous vom Belauer See" got even A1.


Curtis has been December 21st to his eye check. He is clear including Gonioscopy.