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Living with us


Here you find the bitches living with us.

Noble Alice vom Belauer See


SandsCape Golden Girl At Belauer See


U R glamorous vom Belauer See


Queen Mary vom Belauer See


Desperados Charlotta At Belauer See




Winterbourne Move On To Belauer See




In Co-ownership


Here you will find the bitches who are in co-ownership but live with others.

Okka vom Belauer See


Queen Anne vom Belauer See




Here you will find bitches, which are not any longer with us, either because they are dead, they have moved or are not any longer in co-ownership. But all of them have been important to us and were important to the Kennel.


Ilse vom Belauer See




Jolanthe vom Belauer See


Lieselotte vom Belauer See


Deb's Cortina