Wild Boar Hunters Clark, Photo: Claudia Bruhn
Wild Boar Hunters Clark, Photo: Claudia Bruhn

Wild Boar Hunter's Clark


02.01.2007 - 24.09.2018


SpZB: 0004/07

Color: Black/White/tan


Breeder: Heike Uck-Koglin und Rainer Koglin, Bergfelde

HD: B1

Cord1 PRA: ca

FU: de

Eye-test: currently clear


approved for breeding



Clark is a nice dog with a lot of temperament, but a bit dominant male. He loves to swim.


Although Clark is approved for breeding, we don't use him. He has lots of problem with allergies. Beside this I think he should not be used because of his temper. He is the "nice uncle" to our youngsters.

Pedigree Wild Boar Hunter's Clark
Pedigree Wild Boar Hunter's Clark
Pedigree for Male Wild Boar Hunter's Clark SPZB0004/07
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