Photos: Ulf F. Baumann
Photos: Ulf F. Baumann



Almost another week has passed. Next Monday the puppies will be four weeks old.


The three boys are little chubby bears, whereas the girl is a lot more petit. Well, but I guess she will be a handful " due time"!


I have extended the little puppy run and they have enough space for first puppy plays. 


Taking photos of English Springer puppies is a lot easier! Quite a challenge to take photos of solid colored liver puppies. I think, I will practice again this weekend.

Photos: Ulf F. Baumann
Photos: Ulf F. Baumann



Today the puppies had for the first time a visit by "strangers". 

Well, they were quite interested for their age.

Vicky and her puppies right after birth, Photos: Ulf F. Baumann
Vicky and her puppies right after birth, Photos: Ulf F. Baumann




Some of you may wonder, what to my longtime announced Field Spaniel litter happened?




Well, on October 14th Vicky “Winterbourne Move On To Belauer See” gave in a very short and easy birth life to seven puppies, four boys and three girls.




The first day everything looked fine. They were drinking, Mum took care of them and they were quiet. In the evening I put them on the scale and it didn’t look good at all. All of them had lost weight. And I am talking about a major and not a normal loss. Obviously, there was a problem with the milk flow of Vicky. I took all steps to get an improvement of course plus I started to give the puppies a little extra using a supplement based on goat milk I had used before with another English Springer Spaniel litter.




After approximately 24 hours one puppy started to have some stomach problems. I never had this really happening before, so I spoke to a breeder friend and followed her suggestions. And I also messaged with my Vet and followed her advice. Within a short period of time this puppy got worse and died in the end. I rushed to the Vet as two more puppies were not well at all. Unfortunately, they also died within 1 ½ hours being at the Vet. She couldn’t save them. But what was the cause?




I brought two of the dead puppies to a laboratory. Unfortunately, I still have no results back. My Vet thinks that the puppies didn’t cope with the supplement I used. Maybe they couldn’t cope with the goat milk, although many breeders swear on goat milk. And I have been really happy with the product before. I suppose that this was the cause of losing the puppies as I started to use immediately a different product. I am very happy that the remaining four, three boys and one girl, are doing well, now.




It has been a truly horrible experience. And these are the hours, when you think about stopping to breed! That is the reason, why I waited that long with any posting. I just didn’t feel like doing it and I wanted to wait, how things will proceed.




Meanwhile the puppies will be turning two weeks tomorrow. They have opened their eyes and are starting to explore their surroundings.


"Winterbourne Move On To Belauer See", Photo: Nele Goetz
"Winterbourne Move On To Belauer See", Photo: Nele Goetz



Our Field Spaniel "Winterbourne Move On To Belauer See", aka Vicky,  made it again a bit exciting! She came a month earlier into season than expected. That way I have been able to travel beginning of August to a new country: Finland! We spent almost 2 weeks in Finland and hope now for a great outcome.


On August 13th and 14th, 2019 Vicky was mated by the finish male "Icemint Hip Hip N' Hooray". We hope for puppies around October 15th. 


All information about the Dam you can find on her own Website. Please click on her name above and you will be directed to her Website.


The male is Finish Champion and Finish Winner 2017.


His hip score is A/A as in Finland both hips are evaluated separately.  ED is 0/0. His eyes are clear. Last test was October 26th, 2018.


Hippu, as he is called by his pet name, passed the Hunting Ability Test in Finland. Beside his physical attributes Hippu has a very friendly and open temperament. He isn't afraid of anything. Something not to be underestimated in this breed! I met his litter brother 2017 in the USA. I was taken by him, so it was an easy decision to use the brother now for this mating. You will find all information about Hippu on the Website of the Finish Kennel Club. Here is the link. 


Vicky has already offspring in two small litters which is nationally and international very successful. Alice "Noble Alice vom Belauer See" which is living at our Kennel is Junior World Winner 2018, European Winner 2019 and has despite her young age already many more Junior titles. Her half-brother, our co-owned  "Prince Arthur vom Belauer See At Nadavin" lives in England and has been already very successful at Shows in the country of origin of this breed.


Hippu has offspring as well, which has been already successful in the Show ring. You will find information also on his Website of the Finish Kennel Club.

"Icemint Hip Hip N' Hooray", Photos: Marjaana Kurri
"Icemint Hip Hip N' Hooray", Photos: Marjaana Kurri

Following you will find the pedigree of the expected litter. IQ is at 3,33 % and ALC is 88,71 %.

Stammbaum von Zukünftiger Wurf
Zukünftiger Wurf Icemint Hip Hip N Hooray Mandolic Zetterberg Best Friend of the Fields Society Thijs Farbenfroh of Treble's Voice
Upper Girl Of the Fields Society
Aphrodite Of the Fields Society Fieldstar Timjan
Fieldstar Twinkling Twiggy
Hurricane's Kiss me Quick Hurricane's Charlie Brown Hurricane's Nick Nolte
Hurricane's Rosebud
Fieldstar Azalea Fieldstar Nougat
Fieldstar Mimmi Brun
Wolfsong Aphrodite Sandscape Highland Light Arborfield Back Atcha Arborfield Back in a Flash
Avalyde Brooke Loraleigh
Nautica's Siren Song Tristan Del Prado
Waterfield's Lady in Red
Xenion of Bloodline Remember of Bloodline Flame of Bloodline
Bitterblue's Bonnet
Bitterblue's Boem Bitterblue's Mr Hitchcock
Bitterblue's Lovebug
Winterbourne Move On To Belauer See Törnskogens Tom Timmerman Sandscape Highland Light Arborfield Back Atcha Arborfield Back in a Flash
Avalyde Brooke Loraleigh
Nautica's Siren Song Tristan Del Prado
Waterfield's Lady in Red
Periwinkle's Black Beauty Raywey's Make It Me Dauncey's Dreamer of Sandvika
Shipden Jezebel of Raywey
Periwinkle's Queen of the Night Brooklet's Field Flinn
Maydene Molly
Winterbourne Whoops-A-Daisy Fieldstar Mio Tanboy Fieldstar Marcelino Fieldstar Jesper Maserati
Prima Donna of the Fields Society
Fieldstar Nepeta Fieldstar Tanman
Fyra Vindars Gnista
Vätterbygdens Chocolate Chili Winterbourne Deep Blue Sea Winterbourne Weeping Willows
Ridgetor Bubbling Water
Winterbourne What a Witch Elgert Soul Free
Winterbourne Halloween Pumpkin
62 von 62 Hunden Dieser Stambaum wurde erzeugt von der Fleckenbase 54 Ahnen

In case you are interested in a puppy from this expected litter, please don't hesitate to contact me. This litter is especially interesting for breeders, handlers and active people in dog sports: or +49 151 1248 3187.

"Winterbourne Move On To Belauer See", Foto: Ulf F. Baumann
"Winterbourne Move On To Belauer See", Foto: Ulf F. Baumann