Ilse beim Dummy Training, Foto: Nele Goetz
Ilse beim Dummy Training, Foto: Nele Goetz



On Septermber 29th and 30th, 2019 our "Ilse vom Belauer See" has been mated by the finish born "Glamorly Ginnie The Pooh", aka Jay. Jay lives in Poland at Kennel "Tamaam".


I didn't know Jay personally before. But I had seen his litter brother at the Club Show of the Springer Klubben in Sweden last year. At this Show I was also able to meet his father "Mountjoy Scurry Simon" and other relatives of Kennel "Mountjoy". When I look for a Stud dog it is very important to me to have a look at the family of this dog. Parents, siblings and maybe offspring. 


I hope for a litter which is not only suitable to compete in the Show ring but can also work. Ilse is a natural retriever and has a number of offspring which is competing at Dummy Trials and have been successful at hunting trials and are used for hunting. At the side of the father is Kennel  "Mountjoy" to mention. The breeder of this Kennel is very active in dog sports and she puts also an emphasis on the working ability of her breeding stock.


Puppies are expected around December 1st, 2019.

Portrait "Ilse vom Belauer See"
Portrait "Ilse vom Belauer See"



"Ilse vom Belauer See"


Club Show Junior Winner 2014

German Junior Champion (Klub)

Siegerland Junior Winner 2014


Hips: A1

Eyes: clear

Gonio: clear


Cord1-PRA: DE


For more information on her, please click on her name and you will be directed to her website.

"Glamorly Ginnie The Pooh", Foto: A. Banaszak-Kulka
"Glamorly Ginnie The Pooh", Foto: A. Banaszak-Kulka



"Glamorly Ginnie The Pooh"


Polish Junior Champion

Polish Junior Winner 2018



Hips: A/A

Eyes: clear

Fuco: de

AMS: Clear (Acral Mutilation Syndrome)

PRA Cord1: N/N


You can see more photos of Jay in the gallery. Copyright of the photos has Agnieszka Banaszak-Kulka. Many thanks for allowing me to use them.

Following the pedigree of the upcoming litter. COI is 0,00 % and ALC 98,39 %!

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If you are interested in a puppy out of this combination, please don't hesitate to call at +49 151 1248 3187 or drop a line