Here I will write about our life at "Belauer See" (Lake Belau). This page will grow slowly and I will publish photos of the house, garden and the area. I hope you will enjoy!


Wit my dogs I live at the country side in an old Country Home between two lakes. The area is called "Holsteinische Schweiz" in the County of Plön. We are surrounded by forests, fields and Meadows...and the lakes. Deers, hare, foxes and wild pigs are coming to our property. Sometimes even elks are passing. The sea eagle is often flying above our house. Geese and Cranes are also living in the area. The Copyright of the photos belongs to me in case it is not indicated otherwise.

A lot of space for the dogs.... Photo: Ulf F. Baumann
A lot of space for the dogs.... Photo: Ulf F. Baumann

The "Belauer See" gave the Kennel its Name. The lake is in a distance of approximately 200 meters to our house. The house is situated between this lake and a lake called "Schmalensee". This is only 120 meters from our house. The dogs are allowed to swim in both lakes. 

The sea eagle passes often our house. A majestic bird!

Winter in Belau is very special....








The first winter in Belau, there was a lot of snow!

Lake Belau in Winter.
Lake Belau in Winter.

After a long Winter Springtime is approaching. The first flowers start blooming.

Meanwhile the garden is quite nice in Summer. The last few years the garden has changed a lot. I am very happy about the many flowers which are already starting to have their own seedlings.  

Hollyhocks are one of the flowers I really like. Meanwhile there are coming more and more. I think they could be all over the place.

The next season is Fall. Also a nice time in Belau. Temperatures are usually still mild. Next year I have to take more photos again.

Beech tree near Belauer See, Photo: Claudia Bruhn
Beech tree near Belauer See, Photo: Claudia Bruhn
Photos: Ulf F. Baumann
Photos: Ulf F. Baumann

February 2016


This years winter has not been really nice. There were hardly any days to take the camera out.


Today on February 28th, 2016 it has been a beautiful day. Sunshine and frost in the morning.


All photos have been taken close to our house.

I have also tried my luck with some wild life...



The flowers in our garden are getting every year a bit more beautiful. These are flowers in our garden beginning of June 2016...

July 2016


Beginning of July we had a few days of nice weather here at Belauer See.


I took my camera to find some nice motives in the house, around the house but mainly in the garden.


When you take a camera it makes you a lot more aware of the beauty of the surroundings you live in...


I am sure I will take again my camera this summer and hunt some more motives!

A David Austin Rose from England, Photos: Ulf F. Baumann
A David Austin Rose from England, Photos: Ulf F. Baumann

Summer 2018


This summer has been very nice, but also very warm. Since many, many weeks we had not a single drop of rain. Everything in the garden withers and it is not nice to behold.

But despite this situation there are some nice flowers around the garden and in pots. It has been an exceptional good summer for the roses. They don't seen to suffer as much as the other plants. Enjoy the walk through our garden...